Trojan Speakers

Our Committee

Our club simply wouldn’t function without our committee, a number of volunteers who make sure the club keeps going.  Our committee is voted for each year, so if you decide that you want to lend a hand, please let one of us know and we’ll chat to you about what our roles entail.

Ian Rex-Hawkes
Club President

Ian joined Trojans in 2022 and quickly estalished himself as a integral part of the club.   He was previously a martial arts instructor, but had to give that up due to a disability.  After a while, he found that he was missing the feeling of standing up in front of others, so he very quickly found that this scratched an itch that he didn’t see coming.

In his professional life, Ian is a financial planner who also dabbles in photography and web design.

Watch out for Ian in the long term, as he is as aspiring politician and will someday be running as a candidate for Parliament.

Ewa Moskwiak
Vice President – Education

Abhijit Salve
Vice President – Membership

Bilqis Razan
Vice President – PR

Luca Marengo
Club Secretary

Mauli Dubey
Club Treasurer

Rakshith Anand
Sergeant at Arms